My Virtual Online Garden(s)

As of 2019, I am subscribed to not one, but two, virtual gardens. Both allow me to upload pictures of my plants, give me all the details I’d ever want, and then send me reminders of what garden tasks need to be done.

Having two subscriptions is rather expensive so I will very likely choose one over the other as some stage.

1. Shoot Gardening: This one is available via their website, and adding garden plants is easy. Monthly reminders are sent to ensure I care for my plants correctly. My entire garden is viewable here.

2. Garden Tags: This is available as an app on my phone, and is very user-friendly. I can very quickly add a new plant to my virtual garden. There is a terrific interaction between users that Shoot does not have. Plant tasks are given at all times.

Both services offer a basic and a premium option. Even with the basic, it is possible to search for detailed information about any plant.


Pádraig, June 2020.