Short Days Challenge

I start a new blog theme today. It is called the Short Days Challenge. The idea is to post one small thing as often as possible between November and February, focusing on the small things that brighten the short winter days.

Day 1: Today’s winter garden: as I briefly log winter here in Waterford, Ireland. This ornament was filled with flower colour earlier in the season. Now it stands waiting.

Zoom in to see three ivy cuttibgs

Would you like to join in? Simply use the hashtag #shortdayschallenge either on your blog, Facebook or Instagram to connect with many others noticing the little winter things that bring delight to these short days. Have you a favourite winter item in your garden, be it plant, structure or ornament?

This article was originally published by @petalsbyparaig on Instagram. Páraig (also known as Pat) is the author of Petals by Paraig. He loves ivy, winter and small things. He also likes Instagram and growing from cuttings, but cannot abide missing out on the smallest signs of winter life.

Author: Pádraig

Writing is good for my head. When head is good so is everything, including some fast biking and slow gardening.

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