Then There Were Twelve

Ivy propagation, round 2. Years ago I gave up on planting ivy on our garden boundary walls because it became unmanageable. But a few ivy plants are very good in pots on the patio. Today I bought one at my local garden centre. (Plant, not patio!) I knew when buying it that I’d easily make at least 12 plants from it. So, a few hours later everything is finito. Let the glasshouse work it’s magic, along with the rooting powder of course.

Small ivy becomes very big and unmanageable 

Páraig is the author of Petals by Paraig. He loves pottering in the potting shed, making baby plants and waiting for healthy offspring. He also loves portable power banks and nature’s magic but not cracked patio slabs.

Author: Pádraig

Writing is good for my head. When head is good so is everything, including some fast biking and slow gardening.

2 thoughts on “Then There Were Twelve”

  1. Yes indeed, Jade. There's immense satisfaction in growing plants this way. I will be checking the baby hospital regularly to see signs of growth. Later, I am thinking of trying your suggestion about making beneficial yeast bacteria to help them through to adulthood!


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