Rain Is Nature’s Magic

It’s bucketing down. Not a day to be outside in the garden, but it occurs to me that rain is nature’s magic at work. It’s my magic time also, to sit comfortably inside and realise that the work is being done for me!
Tips to add to the moment:
  • Read the gardening supplement in the Saturday Telegraph
  • Read this week’s issue of Amateur Gardening magazine
  • Add a spoon of brandy to a cup of good coffee
  • Put it all together on a blog to keep the memory

I wrote about some heavy rain a few weeks ago (also on Saturday!) at that time, I opted for a different strategy. Remember the day? There was just a little heavy rain. today there was a lot of heavy rain. If I had to cycle, it would be called poxy rain, but for the garden it’s da bomb.

Pádraig, 24th September 2016.

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